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Information: Lee's Tailoring offers many different services to choose from. Whether you are in need of a tailor or seamstress for alterations, zipper repairs, or wedding dress alterations, we, at Lee's Tailoring, will be at your service. We aim to please all of our loyal customers.

Is your friend's wedding coming up in a couple of weeks? Are you in need of tailoring to your bridesmaid dress because you've been so busy that you were forced to put it off until the last second? Up until now, have you even been trying to convince yourself that 'it won't be that bad' to attend you wedding in a dress that doesn't quite fit you properly? Thank goodness you've found us. At Lee's Tailoring, we offer bridesmaid dress tailoring to perfection. After we've worked on your dress, all eyes will be on you….and the bride, of course.

Imagine this: you are getting ready for the prom. Your hair is perfect and your makeup is flawless. The one thing you have left to do is to step into your elegant satin gown, which will complete your glamorous motif. But then it happens — your zipper becomes snagged in the fabric, not allowing to you move it upward or downward. Your date will be there soon to pick you up! You know that if you are able to unsnag it, you will have to cut your expensive Chiffon dress. You can't go to the prom like that! Your date will think you're crazy! Plus, you've been waiting for him to ask you out for so long! Learn More

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